Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this eCourse take to complete?
Does this eCourse include PowerPoint templates or other slideware?
What should I do if I experience any technical problems?
Does this eCourse provide any help with delivering a great presentation?
In the story section, can I pick more than one story to tell in my presentation?
Where can I go for more information?
Can I get answers to specific questions about my presentation?
Do I tell my audience which story I’m using?
Do I tell my audience which step I’m on in the persuasive speech structure?
Do I tell my audience which level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I’m on?
How do I combine Maslow’s Hierarchy, one of the 5 stories, and the persuasive speech structure?
How long should my presentation be?
Does the persuasive speech structure really work?
Is all of the work on preparing a presentation worth it?
Can I save my work?
Can I get a discount for buying the eCourse for a large number of people?
What if I have to give a presentation of a type that isn’t listed in your examples of presentation types?
Aren’t all business speeches Quests?
I can’t think of a good action step for the end of my speech. What do I do?
Why shouldn’t I start my speech with an agenda? Don’t people want to know what the presentation is going to be about?